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  Royal United Services Institute August 2010   Issue 010  


Can the future Royal Navy maintain national security?

This month’s Journal examines current British national strategy, asking whether we have the right foundation for the current defence review. Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham and Professor Gwyn Prins claim that the Royal Navy is dangerously weak, risking the silent principles of the UK's national security unless the future fleet is restored and adequately sized.

Neville Bolt argues that the ‘Afghan War Log’ is a symptom not a cause of Western government’s inability to cope in the digital information age.

As American troops embark on their final drawdown in Iraq, David-Strachan Morris asks whether Iraqi security forces can cope on their own in the face of Al-Qa’ida’s possible resurgence.

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Reforming Defence:
Learning the lessons from past Defence Reviews

With the latest Strategic Defence and Security Review currently underway, RUSI.org considers the effects of previous British Defence Reviews. This series observes the results of differing strategies, drawing out the lessons which can be learned and applied to contemporary defence policies.

As this series of Military History and Policy articles makes clear, such considerations highlight the degree of continuity with many previous defence reviews.

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Preparing for Peace
Britain's Contribution and Capabilities
Whitehall Paper No. 74

Written by Richard Teuten and Daniel Korski, both formerly of the UK’s Stabilisation Unit, this latest Whitehall Paper assesses Britain’s ability to meet its commitment to conflict prevention and long-term stabilisation in today’s failed states. Identifying a mismatch between ambitions and resources, the paper includes recommendations for change and considerations for the future.

WATCH Richard Teuten and Daniel Korski introduce the paper >

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To purchase a copy order direct from Taylor and Francis at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/spissue/rwhi-si6.asp

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NATO and Nuclear Weapons:
Is a New Consensus Possible?

NATO must now consider ways in which it can reach a practical consensus over its nuclear policy, with a greater understanding of the current security environment in which it must operate.

Facing the question of whether the maintenance of a nuclear force truly reflects the threats NATO currently faces, Alliance leaders in 2009 called for the drafting of a new Strategic Concept, setting out the fundamental purpose, tasks and strategy of NATO.
This paper is intended to assist discussions of the Concept, which will be held at the Lisbon Summit between the 19 and 21 September, by identifying seven key propositions around which a consensus could develop.

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Senior transatlantic policymakers to speak at major RUSI conference

Global Leadership Forum 2010


With a new Government in Whitehall and defence reviews on both sides of the ocean, the annual Global Leadership Forum offers a unique opportunity to renew the transatlantic security partnership and forge common approaches to global challenges.

Speakers include:
Ambassador Ivo Daalder, United States Permanent Representative, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, who will deliver a major pre-Lisbon Summit speech,‘The House that NATO Built’

Sir John Scarlett, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI, and Former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service

Professor G John Ikenberry, Albert G Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University

More: www.rusi.org/globalleadershipforum/

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Do the US and UK share the same level of commitment to NATO?
Remarks by Professor Christopher Coker


From RUSI.org

Conclusion of US Combat Mission in Iraq: Beginning of the End, or End of the Beginning?
By Mina al-Oraibi

Iran: Dawn of Nuclear Age Breaks Over Bushehr
By Mark Thomas

UK Defence
How will the defence services be reformed?
Watch RUSI’s Michael Codner response to the UK Defence Secretary’s recent announcements

Many questions remain about the direction of UK defence reform
By Professor Trevor Taylor

Can we afford to renew Trident?
Watch RUSI’s Malcolm Chalmers respond to the Treasury announcement that the Trident budget will not be ring-fenced.


The 2010 Monsoon Flooding in South Asia: A Major Test of Resilience

Controlling cyberspace: the real issue at the heart of UAE vs RIM

Growing Tension in East Asia