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  Royal United Services Institute November 2010   Issue 012  



National Security in the UK

With the terrorist threat still very high in the UK, RUSI hosted leading national security policymakers in November to outline developments in counter-terrorism and its implications for the future of British policing and the judicial system.

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RUSI’s National Security and Resilience Department




Securing the Atlantic Alliance after Lisbon

There was hope for radical change at the NATO Lisbon Summit, with escalating tensions in Afghanistan and rapprochement with Russia high on the agenda. RUSI experts provided key analysis on NATO and Russia’s fraught relationship, Obama’s Lisbon Agenda and NATO New Strategic Concept.

NATO’s summit: Great on presentation, less good on substance
By Dr Jonathan Eyal, Director, International Security Studies Department, RUSI

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A Twenty-first Century NATO: Obama’s Lisbon Agenda
Reforming NATO at the Lisbon Summit
NATO and Russia: Still a hesitant dialogue
NATO’s New Strategic Concept and Missile Defence

RUSI JOURNAL: A New Alliance for a New Century
NATO’s First Prime Minister: Rasmussen’s Leadership Surge

More: www.rusi.org/nato


On RUSI.org
More analysis on the defence and international security agenda

Tensions in Korea
Steadily increasing tensions between North and South Korea spiked after the artillery bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island on 23 November. RUSI analysts were in high demand for their analysis on the incident and on the forthcoming succession of Kim Jong-il.

WATCH: Korea Tensions: What next?
RUSI Newsbrief: Shifting Power in Pyongyang
Analysis: North Korea's Attack on Yeonpyeong Island

The Middle East
Should We Attack Iran to Halt its Perceived Nuclear Weapons Programme?

Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula: A Changing Strategy

A Coordinated Approach to Air Cargo Security is Urgently Needed

7/7 Inquest: Be Careful of Demanding the Impossible



Antony Beevor awarded RUSI's Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature

This year's prize was awarded to the acclaimed historian for his book, D-Day: The Battle for Normandy. The annual RUSI prize is awarded to an author who makes an original and notable contribution to the study of international and national security and defence.

Go to www.rusi.org/westminstermedal to watch an interview with Antony Beevor and further details about the book.

Remembering War>
To commemorate Remembrance Day, RUSI published a selection of special articles on remembrance and RUSI.org also went back through the archives to find RUSI Journal articles from the First World War.


A Question of Security:
The British Defence Review in an Age of Austerity
Edited by Michael Codner, with a Foreword by Lord Hutton of Furness

This collection of expertly researched chapters analyses all the major themes of the British defence and security review.

For those concerned with what the review means for foreign policy and defence, or those interested in the logic underlying the review, this is an indispensable volume. Contributors include Michael Clarke, Malcolm Chalmers, Hew Strachan, and more.

Pre-order the book


Secure your place at major international conferences next year

RUSI’s major policy conferences bring together leading academics, officials and businesses to assess and help shape the defence and security landscape.

Secure you place now and take advantage of discounted rates and pre-VAT price rises.

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New RUSI Council formed

Following the Annual General Meeting of 25 November 2010, members of RUSI elected a newly constituted Council. Chaired by Lord Hutton of Furness , the Council elected Mr David Abrahams and Dr Alexander Mirtchev to join the RUSI Council as Vice Presidents.

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