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  In this issue:  Article 50, Westminster Attack, Human Trafficking and Organised Crime
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March 2017 Issue 88
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Forthcoming Events
Under-35s Forum - Brexit and the European Elections
10 April

Non-State Actors and the Changing Nature of Conflict
20 April 

Film Screening: Letters from Baghdad
20 April

Ambassador Sarah MacIntosh on NATO's Contribution to European Security

21 April

Keir Starmer on the Implications of Brexit
15 May

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A Message from
Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General, RUSI

Dear friends,

It is with sadness that we start this note by sending our condolences to the families and friends of those injured and killed in last week’s horrific attack in Westminster, especially the family of PC Keith Palmer. Last week’s attack was the most significant terrorist incident in the UK since the 7/7 bombings.

Perpetrated not far from the RUSI building, the act highlights the vulnerabilities we all face and gives greater meaning to our research as well as the ongoing debate on countering terrorism and extremism. In the past week many of us at RUSI provided expert commentary on our website and in the national and international media. We also hosted senior Whitehall official Jane Marriott who outlined the work of the Joint International Counter-Terrorism Unit in coordinating the UK’s response to terrorism. We will continue to research, and provide advice and analysis on how to end terrorism in the UK and elsewhere.

We have had a busy research agenda this month, beginning with the launch of our Whitehall Paper on NATO and the North Atlantic, an important study examining the threat Russia poses to the North Atlantic region. The paper was also launched in Washington DC and in Oslo. This week we also published the findings of a bilateral dialogue between Russian and British experts, who explored ways to reduce tensions between the two countries.

On 15 March, I was honoured to introduce the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, for a keynote lecture at RUSI on the role of financial institutions in preventing human trafficking. She was followed by an experts panel which discussed the report we published on the subject, highlighting the need for banks, law enforcement and NGOs to collaborate to disrupt human trafficking.

In Brussels last week, we launched a major report examining the scale of illicit trade, and the methods used by organised crime groups. The report revealed how organised crime groups are benefiting from corruption at European borders, and weak oversight in international free-trade zones. Further reports published this month are highlighted below.

Ahead of the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday, RUSI hosted a day-long policy conference on the defence implications of Brexit: the proceedings are available to watch here. On our website, we outline what we should all expect from the negotiations.

April will be no less busy for us, with several high-profile visitors to RUSI. This includes Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who will participate in a panel discussion on aid and security. This invite-only event will also be live-streamed to our membership. We will also be hosting a pre-UK launch screening and panel discussion of the documentary film ‘Letters from Baghdad which shows new footage from the period of British colonial Iraq. It should be an interesting and diverse few days – do keep checking our events page to see what we are up to!

Karin von Hippel
Director-General, RUSI

With Article 50 now triggered, RUSI experts outline what they will be looking for during the Brexit process. 

Article 50: What Defence and Security Experts Will be Looking Out For

Latest Commentary:

And They're Off: Britain Starts its Brexit Divorce Negotiations
By Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director, RUSI

VIDEO: Anand Menon on Britain's Place in the World After Brexit
VIDEO: Conference on the Defence Implications of Brexit

Briefing Paper: UK Foreign and Security Policy after Brexit
By Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General, RUSI

For more commentary on Brexit, click here

Carried out not far from the RUSI building, the attack on Westminster was the most significant since the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

RUSI experts provide the latest analysis.

The Westminster Attack: A Considered Response
By Professor John Louth, Director, Defence, Industries and Society programme

Our Brave Police Risk Their Lives to Keep Us Safe, But They Can't Prevent Every Attack
By Richard Walton, Senior Associate Fellow and former head of the Metropolitan Police's Counter-Terrorist Command

London: The Latest Victim of Terrorism in Europe
By Raffaello Pantucci, Director, International Security Studies, RUSI

The Westminster Attack Shows the New Challenges Facing UK

By Emily Winterbotham, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI

VIDEO: Analysing the Latest Profile on Attacker Khalid Masood
By Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General, RUSI

VIDEO: Westminster Attack: Encryption and Intelligence Gathering
By Ewan Lawson, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI

See also:
Jane Marriot on Global Best Practice in International Counterterrorism

Amber Rudd at RUSI

This month the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, launched RUSI's report on human trafficking and the role of financial institutions.  It was followed by a panel discussion including the head of Europol, Rob Wainwright.

To watch the event, click here

To read the report, click here

NATO and the North Atlantic: Revitalising Collective Defence
This new RUSI report examines how NATO will need to respond to counter Russia's return to the strategically crucial North Atlantic.

To read the report, click here.To watch the launch, click here.

On Tap Europe: Organised Crime and Illicit Trade in Tobacco, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals
The culmination of an eighteen-month study conducted across five EU member states, this report reveals how organised crime groups are benefiting from corruption at European borders, and exploiting limited controls in international free-trade zones to make substantial profits through illicit trade.

To read the report, click here.

Virtual Currencies and Financial Crime: Challenges and Opportunities
The rapid rise of Bitcoin has prompted extensive discussion about the nexus between virtual currencies and financial crime. This paper examines the financial crime risks involving virtual currencies, the challenges that come with attempting to address those risks, and considers the implications for key stakeholders.

To read the paper, click here.

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Are We Dancing? US Ambition for German Defence Spending

Cyber Security: Deter or Die?

The Dutch Step Away from Populism

About Face! Sweden Reactivates Conscription

Brussels Attacks One Year On: More Still Needs to Be Done

Could Trump Usher in the Elusive GCC Missile Defence Shield?

Hybrid Warfare in the Middle East: We Must Do Better

A New Deal to Make NATO and America Great Again

Cryptocurrencies and Terrorist Financing: A Risk, But Hold the Panic

Is Sir John Parker Advocating a Snatch Land Rover for the Royal Navy?

The Armed Forces Covenant

In this latest report on the Armed Forces Covenant, John Louth and Sir Julian Brazier MP review the government's housing policy.

For more information, please click here >

Defining Dialogue: How to Manage Russia–UK Security Relations

In Moscow, RUSI launched, with the Russian International Affairs Council, the findings of bilateral meetings between experts from the UK and Russia. They highlighted the security challenges facing the two countries, and explored the opportunities for cooperation.

To read the findings, please click here >

Challenges to Stabilisation in Iraq after the Mosul Operation

RUSI published major conclusions of roundtables convened to discuss the stabilisation efforts in Iraq and challenges facing the country after the liberation of Mosul from the hands of Daesh.

For more information, please click here >

Dr Karin von Hippel spoke on the evolution and threat from Daesh at the Spanish Centre for National Defence Studies

Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi spoke at the European Council on Foreign Relations on the Trump Doctrine in Iran


Research Fellow, Cyber Threats and Cyber Security

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is one of the world’s leading research thinktanks in the fields of defence and security. We are seeking to appoint to our National Security and Resilience team a high-calibre, experienced researcher who specialises in cyber threats and cyber security.

For more information, click here >

RUSI in the News
In March RUSI experts spoke on a range of issues, including on the Westminster attack, nuclear policy, foreign fighters, drones, cyber security and sanctions.

For more RUSI in the News, click here.

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