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The Trump Presidency, The Duke of Westminster Medal, Gift Memberships
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  Royal United Services Institute
November 2016 Issue 84
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Regional and International Security Perspectives of Pakistan
5 December

Real Estate and Money Laundering: What are the Key Challenges and How is the Sector Tackling Them?
6 December 

The Caliphate Beyond 2016: The View from Southeast Asia
9 December

The Suez Crisis, 1956: A Throwback to the Past or a Pointer to the Future?
9 December

Have I Got Nukes for You: The 2016 UK PONI Christmas Quiz
13 December

Annual Chief of the Defence Staff and RUSI Christmas Party
14 December

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A Message from
Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General, RUSI

Dear friends,

Like the Brexit results, the US election outcome has surprised many of us, given what the polls had been predicting. Since then RUSI has been offering in-depth background analysis on the likely implications of Donald Trump’s presidency for defence and security issues. Earlier this month, we hosted a members’ event where former Representative Jane Harman (and current President of the Woodrow Wilson Center) discussed US foreign policy in the aftermath of the election. You can watch the event here.

We will monitor developments over the coming weeks and months as President-elect Trump’s foreign and security policy takes shape. On Brexit, too, we are producing outstanding analysis. In this month’s RUSI Newsbrief, Sir Simon Fraser, the former Permanent Under-Secretary of the Foreign Office offers six suggestions for how the UK can continue to exert global influence after Brexit.

Meanwhile, my colleagues and I evaluate the ongoing tragic conflict in Syria, as the carnage in Aleppo shows no sign of abating. Last night I discussed the issue on Channel 4 News, examining how a Trump presidency might affect the situation. At the end of last month, I travelled to Lebanon and Jordan as part of a small British Council delegation to look at the challenges faced by Syrian refugees and host countries alike. Each country is host to over a million Syrian refugees, comprising significant percentages of the overall populations of both (25% for Lebanon and 18% for Jordan). It’s hard to imagine comparable numbers in the US or in European countries.

In mid-November, I travelled to Afghanistan where I was part of a delegation to learn about the ongoing security challenges in the country. I met with a number of senior political figures, including President Ashraf Ghani. The visit certainly convinced me of the importance of maintaining some international security forces for the coming years as a security guarantee, given the challenges posed by the Taliban in many parts of the country. Currently, there are 13,000 international troops in the country, with the US and UK providing 8,500 and 450 personnel, respectively, significantly lower than the peak of more than 100,000 in 2011, but enough to play a deterrent role.

Earlier this week, Prospect magazine announced the winners of its Think Tank of the Year Awards. Our congratulations to Chatham House for winning the Think Tank of the Year(as well as the other two other categories). RUSI was named runner-up in the international affairs category (having won twice in previous years), with the judges praising RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, hailing it for having ‘quickly become the “go to expert” on financial crime and security’. The judges stated that RUSI was ‘A great example, of a Think Tank expanding into a complementary area of expertise’. The Institute was also noted for its outstanding work in applying notable rigour in the analysis of the illegal wildlife trade in Africa. Last year we published a groundbreaking report on the subject, dispelling many myths on the nexus between the ivory trade and terrorism.

This month we were also pleased to announce that the Canadian government has partnered with RUSI to undertake a year-long project on countering violent extremism in Kenya. RUSI is quickly becoming an authority in the field, and is midway through delivering a similar project for the EU in the region.

Karin von Hippel
Director-General, RUSI

President Elect Donald Trump
As the world prepares for Donald Trump's inauguration as US president, RUSI experts offer objective analysis on how a Trump presidency will shape defence and security in the UK, the US and across the world. Access full analysis

Latest Analysis:
Britain and Asia in a Trumpian World: Only Connect
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Duke of Westminster Award
Westminster medal
RUSI is pleased to announce that the winners of the 2015 award are Lord Hennessy and Dr James Jinks.

The judges awarded the prize to the authors for their book, The Silent Deep: The Royal Navy Submarine Service since 1945, published by Penguin.

To watch the ceremony click here.

RUSI Newsbrief

The latest Newsbrief features a lead article by Sir Simon Fraser, former Permanent Under-Secretary to the Foreign Office, on how the UK can retain global influence following Brexit. The issue also contains articles examining the new relationship between Mexico and the US under a Trump presidency, and women and UN peacekeeping.

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Commentary Online Now
The Jo Cox Murder and the Role of Ideology in Violent Extremism

The National Cyber Security Strategy: Steady as She Goes or Significant Change?

The Politics of Peacekeeping: It is a Long Way from London to Juba

The Case for Increased International Diplomatic Engagement with India and Pakistan

UK Independence Party May End up Regretting Departure from the EU

Why Investment in Defence, Aerospace and Security is Good for the Whole of the UK

Russian MiG-29 Crash: More than Meets the Eye

RUSI in the News
Defeating ISIS in Mosul Will Open Door to Many Challenges

'"If the people who live there don't feel that a future government represents them, then in a year or two we might see the next iteration of ISIL roll in and take over Mosul," said Karin von Hippel, director-general of the RUSI defence think tank in London.'

Karin von Hippel in NBC News, 31 October 2016

Big Question: What is Putin’s Aim in Aleppo?’

'The aim of Russia’s “humanitarian pause” is likely to be in preparation of an offensive, but it also seeks to soften some of the reputational damage done by its recent bombing campaign on Aleppo, including on civilian targets.'

Sarah Lain in Politico, 3 November 2016

Trump, Putin Ties Could be Tested by NATO

'Trump will try again a reset with Russia, and remain, like Obama, reluctant to get involved with Ukraine. But I don't think NATO security guarantees will weaken, and Putin would be foolish to test this."'

Malcolm Chalmers for CNBC, 22 November 2016

Surge in Far-Right Extremism as Spotlight Fell on Jihadist threat

'Tahir Abbas, a senior research fellow at RUSI and an expert in violent extremism, said far-right lone wolves were a “rising problem” and compared them to Islamist extremists who have launched random attacks. “They share similar issues as those on the jihadist spectrum — their isolation and alienation, coupled with an online community where they share their hate, is a new form of risk for us and our security.” He said there were some, like Mair, who were “prepared to turn to violence".'

Tahir Abbas for The Times, 24 November

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