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  In this issue: Brexit and Defence, Financial Crime, Syria
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February 2018 Issue 99 
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Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General, RUSI

Dear Friends,

RUSI hosted a side event at the Munich Security Conference, exploring defence and security issues related to Brexit and the impact they may have on Europe, NATO and the transatlantic partnership. For the conference delegates, we released an advance version of a Briefing Paper by Deputy Director-General Malcolm Chalmers, which outlined five areas where Brexit will affect European security. The final version of this paper, revised to take into account Prime Minister Theresa May’s Munich speech, has been published on the RUSI website today.

Malcolm also authored a report previewing the government’s Modernising Defence Programme, which is expected to cover the defence elements of the National Security and Capability Review. In the next few months, RUSI colleagues will be examining the Modernising Defence Programme in further detail in a series of commentaries, which began with John Louth, who proposed a ‘programmatic approach’ to the UK government’s exercise.

Alongside these publications, in February we convened a series of events and conferences examining the challenges faced by the British armed forces. We had exceptional speaker panels at our conferences on Urban Warfare, Air Forces as Weapons Systems and Hybrid Warfare. We also presented our interim research findings on the Defence Industrial Strategy to an audience of senior defence policymakers, and that report is expected to be published next month. In March, we look forward to welcoming Stephen Lovegrove, who will reflect on his experiences managing the Ministry of Defence as its Permanent Secretary. I am also pleased to announce that the École de Guerre, France’s higher education institute for military education, has appointed some of my RUSI colleagues as visiting academic staff to their faculty. This month, Ambassador Mark Green, the Administrator of USAID, and the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt, MP, Secretary of State for International Development, joined us to discuss the importance of security and development linkages in conflict zones.

Finally, building on the success of the ‘Financial Crime 2.0’ conference last November, RUSI's Centre for Financial Crime and Security will be embarking on a two-year research programme to update the
anti-money laundering framework to reflect today’s technological landscape. Regular updates on this new programme will be shared on the Centre’s website. We were delighted that the Centre's analysis was recently cited in the House of Commons second reading of the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering.  

Karin von Hippel
Director-General, RUSI

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Entitled ‘Brexit and European Security’, and written by RUSI Deputy Director-General Professor Malcolm Chalmers, the paper suggests that ‘achieving a strong post-Brexit security partnership will require difficult decisions on both sides’.


Professor Malcolm Chalmers on Brexit and European Security

Expert commentary in February examined a range of defence and security issues including Syria, nuclear policy, financial crime, UK Defence, Russia in the Middle East, the aftermath of the German elections and Middle Eastern investment in the Horn of Africa.  


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The latest issue of the RUSI Journal includes a photo essay by Susan Schulman on life in Homs, as the Syrian Civil War continues.

Other articles cover North Korea's nuclear weapons programme, conscription in the Middle East, peacekeeping in the Central African Republic and the impact of conflict on the Ethiopian famine of 1984/5.

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Stephen Lovegrove on Managing the UK Ministry of Defence 
1300, 5 March 2018

The Syrian War: Seven Years In and No End in Sight
1230, 8 March 2018

EU Defence and Security after Brexit
1200, 13 March 2018

China Steps Out: Beijing’s Major Power Engagement with the Developing World
1600, 13 March 2018


Missile Defence Conference 2018
0900, 30 May 2018

Landwarfare Conference 2018
19-20 June 2018


Sir John Scarlett and Gill Bennett on How Russia Sees the World

Hybrid Threats in Europe: Lessons and Responses

Air Forces as Weapons Systems

Urban Warfare: Past, Present, Future

Security and Counter Terror Expo

RUSI will be at the Security and Counter Terror Expo from 6–7 March.
The expo is a world-class showcase of the capabilities, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure, business and people safe. The event brings together 10,000+ senior professionals from Government, Private Sector, Critical National Infrastructure, Military, Law Enforcement, Transport Security, Border Security, Security Services, Major Events and Emergency Services.

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Job Opportunities

Research Fellow in Military Sciences

RUSI is looking to recruit a Research Fellow to join the Military Sciences research group. The successful applicant will be leading and delivering research across the areas of interest. Specific interest and knowledge of one or more of the following areas is highly desirable: Naval warfare and maritime security, C4ISTAR, Space, and/or Ballistic Missile Defence/Integrated Air and Missile Defence.

Research Analyst in Military Sciences

RUSI is seeking a highly motivated Research Analyst (Land Warfare) with excellent communication and time management skills to gain rare and valuable experience within an established research programme, with unparallelled access to military thinking as part of the Military Sciences group.

CORMS Internship

We are looking for an individual with an interest in RUSI’s work in defence and security, particularly in organised crime. The intern will support RUSI with the Cocaine Route Monitoring and Support (CORMS) programme. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals wishing to gain experience at a leading think tank and embark on a career in these research areas.

RUSI in the News
In February, RUSI experts spoke on a range of issues, including Syria, and Turkey's relationhip with Syria, Russian military technology, financial crime and UK-EU defence policy.

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