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  In this issue: Westminster Counterterrorism Conference, General David Petraeus, RUSI Journal
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November 2017 Issue 96 
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Forthcoming Events

'Without Glory but Without Disaster': 50 Years after the British Withdrawal from Adena
0900, 4 December

Towards a Code of Conduct on the South China Sea: Reflections of the Philippines Chairmanship of ASEAN
1000, 8 December

Preparing for the Indo-Pacific Century: The Australian Army Perspective 
1300, 8 December

Annual Chief of the Defence Staff Lecture and RUSI Christmas Party
1800, 14 December

Atrocity Prevention and UK Policy
1300, 15 December

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A Message from
Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General, RUSI

Dear friends,

Last week, we hosted the Westminster Counterterrorism Conference with senior policymakers from around the world. Outlining the scale of the challenge, the UK's security minister Ben Wallace, said: ‘It is not a spike in the threat, but a shift that we are now facing, and that is something we all have to deal with'.

The EU's counterterrorism coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, warned, ’If we don't address the grievances which led to the creation of Daesh – Sunni grievances against sectarian Shia policies, and state violence from Assad - we’re likely to see the resurgence of something that could be Daesh 2.0'. The UK’s Deputy National Security Adviser, Patrick McGuinness, highlighted the ongoing danger of online radicalisation, where the speed with which people are brought to violence is 'almost too fast to catch.’

Meanwhile, the Qatari Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, outlined the ‘aggressive steps’ his government was taking to cut off funding for terrorists, but added that it was a ‘work in progress which needs review and improvement’. He also remarked that ‘the Middle East was once a region of peace and co-existence but sadly it has transformed into a region of turbulence and extremism where terrorism flourishes.' Those words were unfortunately all too perceptive, as the following day a terrorist attack in Egypt resulted in 300 civilian deaths. The conference can be watched online here.

We were also pleased to host RUSI Senior Vice-President General David Petraeus, who shared his assessment of global security a year after the election of Donald Trump, covering a range of issues, including what defence capabilities the UK should focus on.

On the occasion of Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day, the RUSI Library of Military History began publishing a series of articles on the eight RUSI members awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War. To mark the centenary of the Great War, we were delighted to convene ‘Remembering the Unremembered’, an event that explored how the British Army drafted into its Labour Corps hundreds of thousands of men from across the UK, India, South Africa, Egypt, Canada, the Caribbean, other places in the British Empire, and China. The commemoration included a performance from the jazz musician Courtney Pine, which you can watch here. As we join those commemorating the end of the Great War in 2018, we will announce a programme of events and publications in the new year.

Karin von Hippel
Director-General, RUSI

The Westminster Counterterrorism Conference
Keynote presentations were given by Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, UK Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt and UK Home Office Minister Ben Wallace. 

To watch the day's proceedings, click here

In Conversation with David Petraeus
RUSI Vice-President General David Petraeus gave his assessment of global security a year after the election of US President Donald Trump.

Watch event
Gallipoli Memorial Lecture
Admiral Sir Philip Jones, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, Royal Navy, considered the lessons of the Gallipoli campaign and its significance in the planning of future combined operations.

Click here to watch the lecture

Other events at RUSI

Other events in November included a lecture by The Rt Hon Keir Starmer KCB QC MP on the implications of Brexit and UK policy, and a UK PONI panel event on North Korea and its nuclear programme.

The latest issue of the RUSI Journal includes a feature exploring the relationship between the UK defence industry and society.

Other articles cover Russia's military renovation, the importance and challenges of elections in post-conflict settlement and reconstruction and examinations of engagement with China.

To read the RUSI Journal, click here

The RUSI JOURNAL is free to all members of the Royal United Services Institute. Members can now access new content on a rolling basis online.

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Illicit Financial Flows and Corruption in Asia
Dried poppies

This paper examines trends in illicit financial flows (IFFs) across eight countries in Asia: Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Afghanistan; Pakistan; India; Nepal; Bangladesh; and Myanmar. It shows how IFFs work from and between these countries, as well as how they link to financial centres elsewhere. 

To read this paper, click here.

Expert commentary in November included analysis of UK defence and foreign policy post-Brexit, Saudi Arabia and it's influnce in the Middle East, financial crime prevention and the challenges for the UK, Japan and Russia's relationship, and the First World War.

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Staging the Future

On 8 November RUSI co-hosted an event in collaboration with the Atlantic Council and Central Saint Martins that combined live theatre performances and conversations with world experts about artificial intelligence and the future of conflict, at the Platform Theatre, London.

We are now working to bring this unique multidisciplinary format across the UK and internationally in 2018, so please look out for further news.

To further details, click here.

Job Opportunities
Research Analyst in Serious and Organised Crime
The Research Analyst will focus on supporting RUSI’s rapidly expanding portfolio of work on Serious and Organised Crime, including work on drug trafficking, human trafficking, organised illegal immigration, high-value fraud and other financial crimes, such as counterfeiting, organised acquisitive crime and cybercrime

Research Analyst in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy
This role will focus on supporting RUSI’s rapidly expanding portfolio of work on CPF. Building on successful work aimed at developing guidance and training for financial institutions, and model legislation for governments, the successful applicant will work on expanding the impact of this work in new regions, particularly Africa.

For other career opportunities at RUSI, please click here.

RUSI in the News
In November, RUSI experts spoke on a range of issues, including North Korea's nuclear programme, the conviction of Mladic, Zimbabwe, the UK's defence capability, reforms in Saudi Arabia and the Paradise Papers.

For more RUSI in the News, click here.

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