The UK must navigate a new and uncertain industrial geography to support the rapid development and scaling of the supply chains required for global decarbonisation.

Decarbonisation requires a reconfiguration of global industry on a huge scale as new supply chains emerge to service demand for clean energy technologies and fuels. This process is bringing a new set of actors to the fore – minerals producers, prospective hydrogen hotspots, carbon capture hubs, and manufacturers – the foremost of which is China. The fundamental economics of these new global industries are being determined mainly by decisions made in Beijing, Washington and Brussels, where the success or failure of ‘new industries’ is increasingly prominent in geopolitical calculations. The UK must find a way to maintain economic relevance and security in this changing landscape.


Chair: Dan Marks, Research Fellow for Energy Security, RUSI 

  • Chris McDonald, Strategic Advisor and former Chief Executive, Materials Processing Institute
  • Henry Sanderson, Executive Editor, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence and Associate Fellow, RUSI
  • Tone Langengen, Senior Policy Advisor, Climate and Energy Policy, Tony Blair Institute
  • Dr George Dibb, Head of the Centre for Economic Justice, Institute for Public Policy Research

More panellists to be announced in due course.

Who Should Attend and Why

Attendance will benefit policymakers and advisors, energy companies and consultants, NGOs active in energy and climate change, and international relations experts with an interest in global economic security or climate change.

If you have any questions regarding this event or are interested in joining in-person, please email [email protected].