An exclusive opportunity for our members to put their questions to a panel of RUSI experts as we reflect on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years on.

As the war continues, high-stakes questions loom large. How might the conflict evolve on the ground? Is there any scope for diplomatic negotiations? How cohesive is the international community’s support for Ukraine, and what more can the West do to hold Putin accountable while mitigating the risk of a wider war between Russia and NATO?

The panel, bringing together expertise on military operations and the broader geopolitical context, stands ready to tackle a wide range of questions relating to the direction of the conflict.


The event will be moderated by Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships, RUSI

How to attend

This event is online-only and is open to all RUSI members.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please email [email protected].