RUSI NextGen aims to build a community of early career professionals who share an interest in global affairs, security and defence. We run a calendar of events and networking opportunities throughout the year designed to provide a platform and industry networks for young professionals aged between 20 and 30. View our past events.

It's free to join and you'll receive our monthly newsletter and invites to upcoming events. We welcome all young professional regardless of what sector they’re in, or what level of expertise they possess.

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We are excited to be launching the RUSI NextGen initiative. The aim is to place young professionals at the heart of discussions around security, defence and global affairs, and provide a welcoming environment for professional and personal development.

Dr Karin von Hippel

Director-General, RUSI

 Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Our Mission

RUSI NextGen’s mission is to support an inclusive and engaging community of early career professionals interested in global affairs, no matter the sector they’re in or level of expertise they possess. The RUSI NextGen initiative stems from RUSI’s mission to help build a safer UK and a more secure, equitable and stable world. We want to create, inform and develop a vibrant community that looks towards the future, paving the way for the next generation of leaders and thinkers as they build their careers.

Our Vision

We hope to grow a vibrant community of early career professionals interested in world affairs, supporting their growth and empowering the next generation of leaders and thinkers tackling our global challenges.

Our Purpose

  • The RUSI NextGen community is where young professionals can come together, understand and engage in global issues, build a network and support one another through the early stages of their careers.

  • The RUSI NextGen community is open to all and free to join. Our events, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities are aimed at a large and diverse community from the UK and beyond.

  • RUSI NextGen differs from other professional networks by catering to everyone with an interest in global affairs, no matter their background.

  • Our NextGen offer builds on RUSI’s work as a world-leading think tank and supports the charitable, not-for-profit objectives of the organisation.



Who can join?

Anyone in the early stages of their career!

Does it cost anything to join?

It costs nothing! All our events and content are completely free to access.

Do I need to attend NextGen events regularly to continue being a members of the community?

No – engagement with the network is entirely flexible – you can attend however many (or few) events you like.

Do I need to have a background knowledge of global affairs to join?

No, you do not – the initiative is a community of like-minded young professionals who possess varying levels of expertise in the field.

Can I bring a friend to your event?

Please do, just make sure they register in time for the event!

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Anna Löfstrand

Anna Löfstrand

NextGen Programme Executive , RUSI