RUSI Combat Air Conference 2024 Session Recordings

Watch the session recordings for RUSI Combat Air 2024

Session One: In Conversation: The Global Threat Trajectory
The Course of the War in Ukraine, Russian Politics and Long-Term Threat 
RAF Challenges and Opportunities this Decade 

Military Trajectory in Ukraine and Implications for NATO Air Forces

Session Two: Turning the Ship Around – Refocusing on Warfighting
Reforging RNLAF’s Warfighting Edge to Fight Tonight and Tomorrow
Rapid Acquisition and Force Readiness Growth to Bolster Deterrence
Rapidly Enhancing European Electronic Attack Capabilities

Session Three: Complementary Specialisation: The Nordic Air Forces 
Swedish Air Force Specialisation Options to Complement Nordic Allies
Nordic Air Power on the Eastern Border
Containing the Bastion on Europe’s Northern Flank 

Session Four: Balancing Next-Generation Programmes and Force Modernisation
Balancing Modernization & Current Operations
Rafale F4R, F5R and SCAF – the Future of the Armée de L’Air et de L’Espace
Supplying the Capability, Not Just the Platforms – Now and for the Future
Applying Lessons from Ukraine to Rapidly Enhance Electronic Warfare in the Air Domain 

Closing Keynote Address

Please note that the session recordings do not include the Q&As as these were all off the record.