Escalating contemporary threats such as transnational organised crime, drug trafficking, political instability, and attacks on infrastructure and critical networks make regional collaboration ever more important. Latin America is also currently grappling with criminal justice crises, environmental degradation and political instability, as well as increasing geopolitical tensions that risk weakening regional cohesion. Faced with these challenges, it is essential to develop coordinated strategies, share intelligence and pool resources in order to enhance collective security and stability.

This conference will bring together policymakers, leading experts, and other stakeholders to examine past and present models of collaboration and consider ways to achieve sustainable peace in the region. There will be interactive and case study panels exploring geopolitics and global power competition, military and defence governance, diplomacy and foreign relations, and resilience and risk management. The event will also offer unparalleled networking opportunities for attendees to connect with policymakers, industry leaders, and subject matter experts.

Join us as we come together to share knowledge, best practices, and actionable recommendations that can shape policies and initiatives aimed at building resilience, fostering cooperation and ensuring a prosperous and secure future for Latin America.

The main panels will address the following key questions:

  • What are the impacts of global geopolitical dynamics on regional security, and how can emerging risks that demand collective attention be identified? 
  • How can Latin American countries forge stronger regional and international ties to improve collective security and defence? 
  • What actionable diplomatic initiatives should be pursued for conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and to address the underlying socio-economic drivers of instability? 
  • How can critical infrastructure be protected from potential threats, and what best practices and innovative strategies can be shared for enhancing resilience, risk management and disaster preparedness?

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