The Annual Conference is a hallmark of the UK Project on Nuclear Issues, having established itself as the premier UK forum for showcasing the expertise of a new generation

By bringing together emerging and established experts from across the nuclear field, the conference promotes a diverse, informed dialogue on pressing nuclear topics.

It provides attendees a chance to discuss and debate fresh perspectives by engaging with other nuclear specialists from academia, government, industry, and the military.

This year, the conference seeks to address the current state-of-play and possible future trends in the nuclear field through panel presentations from rising experts on topics like:

  • The AUKUS Partnership in the New Nuclear Age
  • Continuity and Change in the UK’s Approach to Deterrence working on nuclear issues.
  • Nuclear security and Non-proliferation in a New Era for Nuclear Energy
  • Deciphering Chinese Nuclear Thinking

The conference also features high-profile speakers and opportunities for attendees to make new connections through a lunch and a drinks reception.

UK PONI is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and we encourage attendance by women, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented minorities.