This two-day introductory training course consists of a series of seminars delivered by RUSI fellows and external experts from the UK Ministry of Defence, as well as think tanks and other academic organisations working on nuclear policy matters.

Part One of the workshop will introduce nuclear deterrence and arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation and safeguards.

Part Two will delve into UK nuclear policy as well as the specific cases of the Iran nuclear deal, China’s nuclear thinking and the role of nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine.

Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General at RUSI, and Andrew Futter, Professor of International Politics at the University of Leicester, will chair the sessions.

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at early career professionals working in the nuclear field – whether in academia, government or industry – who have not yet had significant exposure to nuclear policy issues. We would like to encourage those working in scientific, engineering and technical roles to attend, and there will be plenty of time in each session for an interactive Q&A with the expert speakers.

How to attend

The training course will be held exclusively online over two parts during the afternoons of 26 and 27 March (13:00 to 16:30 GMT). It is open to members of the UK PONI network.

Please note that you need to sign up or be an existing UK PONI Network member to register to attend this workshop. Sign up to the UK PONI Network here.

For further information, please contact [email protected].


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