In a recent update to his book, The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change, Dr Andrew Monaghan explores the decline in Russian–Western relations since the early 2000s, taking in the war in Syria and the 2022 escalation in Russia's aggression in Ukraine. Beyond geopolitical considerations, the book delves into the nature of power in Russia, providing an in-depth examination of the networks of influence that define the country's political landscape.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Dr Monaghan will challenge conventional wisdom and unpick the complex dynamics at play in the relationship between Russia and the West.

The webinar will be moderated by Sir John Scarlett, RUSI Distinguished Fellow and former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

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This event is online-only and is open to all RUSI members. If you have any questions regarding this event, please email [email protected].


About the speaker

Dr Andrew Monaghan

Dr Andrew Monaghan

Director of the Russia Research Network

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