Ransomware is a debilitating cyber threat facing businesses and organisations. As the ransomware ecosystem evolves with increasingly sophisticated attacks and technologies, consequences can be felt for a significant period after an initial incident, affecting a multitude of stakeholders.

When faced with a breaking ransomware attack, what are the critical steps that need to be taken to contain damage and recover systems? How is public perception managed after an attack? What are the financial implications and legal considerations? What is the human cost?

Join RUSI’s Cyber Team for an interactive fictional ransomware crisis to manage the stages and effects of an incident, taking on the role of an organisation and exploring the impact from different perspectives. This event offers NextGen members the opportunity to manage the complex fallout from an attack and protect an organisation’s future by elaborating crisis management plans which can be instantly corroborated by the RUSI expert panel, while working with peers to find a way through the scenario.

A drinks reception will follow the workshop event from 17:00.

Event Facilitators

Tasha Buckley, Cyber Research Analyst, RUSI

Dr Pia Hüsch, Cyber Research Fellow, RUSI

Joseph Jarnecki, Cyber Research Fellow, RUSI

Dr Gareth Mott, Cyber Research Fellow, RUSI

Emma De Angelis, Director, Special Projects, RUSI

Anna Löfstrand, NextGen Programme Executive, RUSI

Joining Instructions

This is an in-person event for RUSI NextGen community members.

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