In an increasingly volatile and interconnected world, activities in cyberspace continue to threaten international stability and security. This includes various types of cybercrime, the misuse of technologies like AI, commercial cyber proliferation, and how states use cyber operations to further their own policy objectives. It is also in the very nature of the internet and cyber that most of the ability to effect change lies outside the hands of government. Consequently, there is need to foster cross-regional and whole-of-society dialogue to deepen the understanding of what responsibility in cyberspace means in practice.

For more than 20 years, States have negotiated norms to guide the understanding of responsible behaviour in cyberspace, while non-state actors have also sought to do so through their own multistakeholder fora. Growing geopolitical tensions due to armed conflicts, supply chain interdependencies, economic disputes and among other factors paint a complex and fragmented international scenario – which has explicit consequences to where, when, and how the discussion on responsible cyber behaviour happens.

RUSI’s inaugural Securing Cyberspace 2024 conference will bring academia, industry, governments, and civil society organisations for a discussion on domestic and regional views on Responsible Cyber Behaviour in Practice: A Global View’.

This event will celebrate the first-year anniversary of RUSI’s Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behaviour – a research-led network comprised of over 70 scholars from all regions launched in 2023 with the objective of connecting the research community to foster a more inclusive and diverse dialogue on the topic.

Securing Cyberspace will focus on three dimensions of cyber responsibility – international, domestic, and operational. Attendees will be actively involved in helping craft the future agenda for international research by engaging with thought leadership, diverse perspectives, and cross-sectoral collaboration.

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